Kayak Coffee 2023 Event Schedule

Kayak Coffee 2023 Event Schedule

Kayak Coffee

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This year is going to be FUN. We’ve concocted perhaps the coolest schedule you’ve ever seen, a mashup of coffee and paddling events throughout the Midwest and Southeast. We’ll be in attendance spreading the Kayak Coffee love. If you’re nearby, come see us!

April 1st: The Bike Line E-bike Day (Broadripple, IN) What a fun event! Have you ever ridden an E-bike? We spent the morning pouring coffee and learning about one of the fastest-growing segments in cycling.

June 1-3: Coffeefest Louisville (Louisville, KY) The biggest independent coffee business event in the Midwest!

August 5th: Ohio River Paddlefest (Cincinnati, OH) It’s recognized as the nation’s largest paddling celebration with 2,000 participants traveling through downtown Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky in canoes, kayaks, and other human-powered craft. And we’ll be there fueling the fun!

September 15th-17th: Gauley Fest (New River Gorge WV) An absolutely legendary event in the paddling community on one of America’s wildest stretches of river.

September 23rd-24th: Columbus Coffee Festival (Columbus, OH) Last year 7,000 attendees explored coffee from more than 35 roasters from throughout the Midwest. This year Kayak Coffee will be there too!

October 6-8th: OutdoorX (Dayton, OH) Come check out what’s quickly become the coolest outdoor adventure fests in the Midwest! Cool fact: Our co-founder Ben went to college with Dayton’s Fiver Rivers Metroparks Director of Outdoor Connections.

October 21st: Bridge Day (New River Gorge WV) It’s the only day of the year it’s legal to BASE jump from the New River Bridge.

November 4th: Green River Race (North Carolina) More than 170 boaters race down the Green River Narrows in what’s been haled as the largest extreme kayaking race in the world.

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