The All-Star Beans in Our Favorite Blends

The All-Star Beans in Our Favorite Blends

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At our headquarters in Carmel, Indiana, we roast your beans right before shipping them out. We also experiment with blends to discover new flavors to pair with the seasons and your favorite adventures. And by “we” we mean Ben. Ben does all that stuff. And he’s been at it again.

If you have a coffee subscription, you’ve already read about it in our exclusive subscriber newsletter, but we’ll have two new blends coming out soon, both perfect for the warmer, bigger days ahead. One is a full city roast using Oaxacan, Ethiopian, and Sumatra beans. The other is a breakfast blend using Ethiopian and Honduras.

“Blending coffee was considered a thing of the past with third-wave coffee roasters, but has resurfaced recently as a popular offering,” says Ben, “It used to be a way to make substandard coffee taste better, but in modern times roasters have figured out that it is a great way to differentiate themselves, create really unique products, and offer some of the best attributes of multiple coffees in one roast. It’s also fun! I really enjoy putting two or three unique flavors together to create something entirely new.”

You’ll be hearing much much more about those new blends soon, but the whole creative process got us thinking about what an all-star our Oaxacan beans have been. Our San Augustin Loxicha Pluma has become a staple, single-origin top-seller, a dream to blend with, and the secret behind our irresistible cold brew as well.

We love the region and variety known as Pluma. All of our Pluma beans come from the village of San Augustin Loxicha, hence the name. It has such a great flavor and has proven to be really versatile. It’s smooth and chocolaty with low acidity. It’s easy drinking. Aficionados will note tastes of raisin, brown sugar, and caramel. Most of our paddling friends and adventure buddies just say, “Man, that’s good!” We’re sure you will, too.

Try some San Augustin Loxicha Pluma today, and consider joining our coffee subscription to get first dibs on all of our new blends and offerings.

Oaxaca, Mexico, San Augustin Loxicha Pluma

Oaxaca, Mexico, San Augustin Loxicha Pluma


Mexico , Oaxaca, Pluma, Shade grown, Coop   Tasting Notes of Blackberry, Baking Chocolate, Walnuts, Almond, Syrupy, Full Bodied.   Medium Roasted. Washed Process.  Shade Grown 1600-1800 Meters Above Sea Level. Varietal:  100% Arabica:  Typica Pluma Downloadable pdf spec sheet Oaxaca, Mexico's… read more

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