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Kayak Coffee
Kayak Coffee

Back Deck Breakfast Blend

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Bringing you that chilled out vibe that the only place you need to be is where you are.

Tasting Notes & Details

Fruity | Smooth | Hazelnut | Chocolate

Process:  Washed

Origin:  Honduras, Ethiopia

Elevation: 1200-2000 Meters above sea level

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Back Deck is a smooth and tasty blend of select Ethiopian and Honduras washed coffees.  It's packed with fruity flavors from Ethiopia such as guava, papaya, and citric notes combined with the extra smooth chocolate and hazelnut origins of Honduras.


I highly recommend their Hogwash flavor. It smells wonderful and tastes even better. A special morning treat!

Kyleigh Ciara Hess

Great folks at Kayak Coffee and they roast some delicious single origins and blends. We enjoy it at our office daily. Highly recommend you try it!

Chad Smith

Love Kayak Coffee! Great local Indy roaster, serving the outdoorsy market. Big fan of their Hogwash as a medium-roast daily drinker. Highly recommend!

Chad Frazell