Our Story

Big thanks to Jeff Wood for putting the spirit of Kayak Coffee into words.


A BEAR does not require explanation.

Imagine. You've just encountered a bear on the trail. Or at the water's edge. Or at the door to your cabin. And the first thing you say is--


No, we didn't think so. We've been there. And we know that a bear doesn't need to explain itself. But neither does an owl in the night or the mountain at first light. And neither do you, at least not until you've had your first cup of coffee. (Then maybe you've got some explaining to do, we don't know.)

Our Story

And you know what? Neither should your coffee. What kind of coffee do we want? Not coffee that has to explain itself. That's for goddamn sure. That's what maps are for. All kinds of maps. And wild birding guides. And barometers. That's right-barometers. We're here for the big weather. We love weather. Awesome weather. Terrible weather. All kinds of weather. And we love it with coffee. We know you do too. We didn't invent it. It's just true.

On the camp stove. On the back deck. Along the side of the road. And-ahem-at "the office.” We know we have to go to the office sometimes too. In fact, we love the office. That's why we moved it into the garage and left it out in the rain and then floated it downstream and watched it disappear into the mist beyond the edge of the falls. Wherever it is-let's call it a cosmic conference room, where we drink coffee, and after we do that, we do stuff. We conference, and we have business meetings, and we do a lot of stuff. Sometimes we do nothing, because it's important to do nothing too. Especially when there's a killer view. And because either way there is a hell of a lot going on these days. We're here for it, and the least we can do is make sure we don't run out of coffee. That means being here for it-all of it.

Our Story

Kayak Coffee is proud to source organic, single-origin, and fair-trade coffee beans. Then we roast them ourselves. Because we love coffee. And we don't think that needs explaining. But we also love doing stuff ourselves. Setting up the tent. Building the fire. Moving up the wall. Getting on the water at dawn. So we're happy to explain it anyway. So that the coffee doesn't have to, any more than the bear.