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Tasting Notes & Details

Chocolate, Savory, and Caramel. Heavy bodied and smooth.

Altitude: 1760 meters above sea level

Varietal:  100% Arabica:  Bourbon

Process:  Washed

Origin:  Bukeye, Muramvya province

Roast Level:  Light-Medium Roast

Downloadable Burundi spec sheet

Out of war torn Burundi comes the Long Miles Project and some exceptional coffee.  The Long Miles Project is helping transform the country ravaged by civil war with coffee growing, production, and exporting.  Helping over 5500 farmers build a living with coffee purchased at fair prices, offering resources for growing and washing, the mission has truly begun to lift a nation.  You can learn more about the Long Miles Project @

Available in 12 oz stand up pouches, 4 oz sample pouches, 3# & 5# bags, ground or whole bean.