How to Enjoy Winter the Kayak Coffee Way

How to Enjoy Winter the Kayak Coffee Way

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There are those who live for winter—the ones with season ski passes, a closet full of Scandinavian sweaters, or steaming coffee mugs in front of fireplaces. And there are those who just kind of can’t wait for spring. So, if you aren’t ready for winter yet, well, you may never be. And that’s okay! The fourth season is often the most challenging season, even for outdoor lovers because, um you know, it's friggin’ cold. And dark. That’s why we fall somewhere in the middle. Summer’s our jam, but we do all we can to love an adventurous winter too. Here’s how. 


Establish a Favorite Mug

We firmly believe that with a mug of your favorite hot beverage in hand, you’ll go from surviving to thriving during the fourth season. Fill it with hot coffee (duh) cocoa, or tea to warm yourself from the inside after your adventures. Or, heck, fill it with iced coffee or a cold beverage if that’s your thing. Regardless, pick a mug with a good feel, that fits your style and lifestyle, and it’ll transform your winter. We’re crazy-biased, but we love this one


Take it Outside

Embrace the deep freeze, even if it’s just for a weekend or a single day. Get psyched by doing something you can only do or see in winter. Plan a hike or snowshoe to a destination like a frozen waterfall or lake. Your favorite hikes from summer will feel wildly different—and you’ll probably have the trails all to yourself. Or! Go big, like our founder Ben, and spend a weekend in Breckenridge, CO when it drops a foot of powder. “My brother had a pair of heated socks, and his feet were never cold,” says Ben. “I definitely want a pair.” Another gear tip: pack traction devices to stay upright on packed-snow or icy trails and pack your heaviest down jacket in the top of your pack to throw on during rest breaks. 


Take it Inside

Adventure can happen indoors too! We practice our roll at a nearby pool that allows kayaks on certain days. The climbing gym is always a good choice, too. And, you can play armchair adventurer with a good book or dedicate time to booking summer campsites. Another indoor idea? Join a fitness class to stay tip-top. 


Try Something New

Never skied or snowboarded? Snowshoed? C’mon, now. Take a lesson or just rent some gear and wing it. That new thing you try may be the key to loving winter. 


Plan an Awesome Apres 

Reward yourself and your crew after your winter foray by planning an amazing dinner or charcuterie board—and some amazing cocktails. Try one of our favorite coffee cocktails


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