Sumatra Gayo

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Tasting Notes & Details

Heavy Body, Black Tea, Apricot

Altitude: 1200-1500 meters above sea level

Varietal:  100% Arabica:  Timor Hybrid

Process:  Wet Hulled

Origin:  Aceh, Takengon

Roast Level:  Medium

Downloadable Sumatra Gayo spec sheet

This Gayo Wet-Hulled coffee originates from 165 farmers situated in the town of Takengon. We are proud to source this coffee through our esteemed partners, Craig & Susan Owens at Santiang Exports. Their collaboration with small-scale producers is instrumental in enhancing various aspects of coffee production, including drying, sorting, and process control. Beyond these efforts, Craig & Susan are renowned for their meticulous record-keeping and unwavering commitment to consistency, making them indispensable as our trusted allies on the ground.


Aceh is the westernmost province of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.  Located in the highlands of Aceh is the regency of Central Aceh, home to the Gayo ethnic group (the namesake of Gayo coffee).  Gayo coffee is known for its sweet, earthy, chocolaty flavor with a heavy body when roasted medium or dark.


Most of the coffees that come out of Sumatra utilize the “wet hulled” process, including this coffee.  The wet hulled process is very similar to the washed process, the main difference is that it is not dried as much before the parchment is removed.  This was a result of the inconsistent rainy climate and also the need to get the coffee to market sooner.  It is a standard process throughout most of Indonesia.