Latin America surf trip

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Can't decide?  Why not try a few of our favs!  This sampler pack takes you on a grand tour of some of the most revered coffee producing countries, combining 4 delicious roasts from Latin America.  Each sample contains 4 oz of freshly roasted ground or whole bean coffee, your choice.

Yacht-Z!!! is a Colombian blend roasted on the darker side of medium, with a nice balanced flavor.  It is 100% Colombian bringing you that familiar flavor we've all come to love and expect from the world's largest producer of Arabica coffee.

Yanatile is a sweet Peruvian from the Cusco region in the southern part of the Andes.  Grown at 5500-6500 feet it showcases the buttery chocolate of this high altitude bean.  We have carried this coffee from day 1 at Kayak Coffee and it is one of our most popular roasts.

The El Salvador is a seasonal single origin from Cerro Las Ranas.  A lovely slightly-exotic daily drinker. Light to medium roast. Hints of floral/citric acidity with just a touch of sweet and delicate red fruit coming from the honey processing with a bit of nutty & chocolaty overtones.

San Augustin Loxicha Pluma is from the Sierra Madre del Sur region of Oaxaca, Mexico.  These low acid beans of the "Pluma Hildago" variety are bursting with chocolate and hints of walnut.