Linda Vista Loxicha Pluma | Oaxaca | Mexico

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Tasting Notes & Details

Dark Cherry | Brownie Brittle | Almond Butter

Abundant summer rains and an average of 68 degrees provide ideal growing conditions for the Pluma variety of Typica found in this region of Oaxaca.

Origin:  Linda Vista Loxicha | Single Origin

Altitude: 1600-1800 meters above sea level

Varietal:  Pluma

Process:  Washed

Region: Oaxaca, MX

Roast Level:  Light Roast

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About Linda Vista Loxicha

A second generation coffee farmer, Casimiro and his wife Reyna Petronila Luna farm 20 hectares just outside San Agustin Loxicha, a community growing both coffee known for its malic apple and pear notes and avocados to further support the community’s finances. Their older children support in both farm work and marketing, contributing agronomic knowledge learned in local courses. They’ve helped make some changes to the family’s processing, specifically cherry pulping and fermentation hours, in order to increase both quality and sustainability.

In the off-season, Casimiro Garcia and his family have another art: they work as blacksmiths. Everything they do, they do as a family, supporting each other and bringing new knowledge to the table. Casimiro’s two sons Omar and Gerson have taken on more of a leadership role on the farm and also working with neighboring producers to improve quality and also collect and process parchment and cherry when available.